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Supply Chain Management

Paragon Financial Resources can assist with Supply Chain Management, including:

  • Assistance with Supplier Selection
  • Dealing with Performance Metrics
  • Billings
  • Regular Reporting
  1. Order fulfillment – Order capturing, order processing, order fulfillment, logistics administration, help desk & returns management
  2. Demand Planning – Sales Load/cleaning, baseline generation, promotion management, demand release
  3. Supply planning – planning run (distribution & production), Planner / Plant Collaboration, Plan execution, Compliance management
  4. Inventory planning & optimization – Segmentation, Service & fulfillment strategy, inventory optimization, inventory & replenishment norm setting
  5. Planning Analytics – Demand Analytics, Inventory analytics, supply analytics, order analytics
  6. Integrated Planning Master Data Management – Demand planning masters, production planning masters, distribution planning masters, material planning masters
  • Customer Service & Support (CSS)
  1. Customer Service – Customer help desk, supply chain management, reservation desk, order management, complaint handling & dispute management, install base administration, sales compensation planning & management
  2. Technical support – remote monitoring & diagnostics, Level 0-Level 2 product & application support, remote upgrade and patch deployment, maintenance support, cloud and mobility support
  3. Back office support – payroll processing, sales compensation, mail room services, accounting, FP&A and controlling, revenue & expense cycle management, enrollments, member maintenance, compliance & leakage prevention, Service assurance & Analytics
  4. Workforce management – Capacity planning, forecasting (Long & short range), scheduling, real time adherence, business analytics